Learn Czech. Become a local!

Have you just come to the Czech Republic or have you been living here for a couple of years? Do you need to obtain Citizenship or do you only want to be able to order a cup of coffee or understand what the shop assistant is telling you? It doesn’t matter whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced learner, our Czech teachers at Empire will help you reach your aim.

by Monika Čepelíková, Empire Czech Teacher and Methodologist

Learn Czech. Become a local!

A different learning experience

Our Czech lessons at Empire are based on communicative approach: our students acquire all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) evenly. However, as we are interested in innovative teaching methods as well, we use Direct Method to help you learn speaking faster. The lessons are dynamic, quick, effective and last but not least, communicative. Our main goal is to activate your knowledge and use it in your speech without translating every single word into your mother tongue. The courses are held in Czech from the very first lesson, based on authentic materials and authentic situations. The teachers will create a comfortable and supportive environment to help you learn and practise. Learning Czech has never been so entertaining!


Our courses are based on the real life situations. The beginners will learn the most important topics they need to survive in the Czech environment and they are able to use words and phrases in practice right after the lesson. Our advanced students further develop their communicative skills and focus on standard/colloquial Czech as well. The students learn the language that is actually used by the native speakers, not an artificial construct that would sound unnatural.

Methodological support

Our courses are created and supervised by our methodologist. Every course has a certain objective (to be able to speak to your colleagues, to pass an exam in a year), so both the students and the teachers know what to learn and what to achieve.

Our clients can order a free session with our methodologist Monika to discuss their needs, objectives or the individual course plan.


We offer a vast variety of courses depending on your individual needs. Our survival course will help you get the basic knowledge as soon as possible. After the course, you will be able to introduce yourself, distinguish between formal and informal conversation, say a few words about your job and where you are from, ask for directions if you get lost, or order a meal in your favourite restaurant.

Our exam preparation courses will help you pass certified exams (CCE) at any level. You will be given important tips and tricks how to manage all the parts of the exam you are preparing for. We use original testing materials and give you the latest information about the exams.

Advanced students might benefit from our conversation courses which are based on authentic texts and videos dealing with the daily life in the Czech Republic as well as more advanced grammatical phenomena, or appropriate pronunciation.

The students who would like to enhance their work-related phrases and vocabulary can attend our Czech at Work courses. The courses are based on the most common situations at work (telephone communication, holding presentations, being polite, being assertive etc.).

If you feel more comfortable in individual lessons or you need to learn Czech for special purposes (e.g. work-related), contact our coordinator Jan to get more information. Our methodologist will create a special course based on your individual needs.

If you are not sure what level you are, just take our short placement test. We will contact you and offer the best course for you.

Would you like to have a course in your company? We are totally up for it. Our teachers teach either at our school in 6, Viktora Huga Street (near Anděl metro station) or they can also teach in your company. For more information about the Czech courses, visit our website https://www.empire-skola.cz/cestina/.