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Mardi Gras! ...and Lent


Every year, Catholics have a period of time before Easter called Lent. This lasts for 40 days and is generally a very serious time when people fast(stop eating or eat less for some time) or give up something they like, such as alcohol, chocolate, or meat. So, before all the seriousness, people like to throw a huge party called “Mardi Gras” (“Fat Tuesday,” in French).

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You don’t have to pack a tent


About accomodation when travelling on a tight budget...

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The journey of 6 cities - Cesta šesti městy


I promised you to tell you about our last holiday and I plan to deliver.

Slíbil jsem, že vám řeknu o naší nedávné dovolené, a to mám v úmyslu splnit.

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How to see more for less


Do you prefer to organize your own holiday or to buy an all-inclusive holiday?

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