How to see more for less

Do you prefer to organize your own holiday or to buy an all-inclusive holiday?

I’m sure you all like your summer holiday and you can’t wait for it to be here already. But there are always so many things such as hotels or tickets to events to arrange before you can actually go and enjoy your much deserved time off.

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I hear these questions a lot: “You organize your own holiday? Isn’t it too much trouble? Isn’t it just easier to buy some trip from a travel agency? Can’t they get better prices, so it’ll be cheaper anyway?”...or my favourite: “Do you not have enough money for a proper holiday?”  If you want my answer to the last one: “Yes, no, I really don’t -_-. But even if I did, I wouldn’t do it any other way, because as far as the other questions are concerned, I would have to say no.

You are absolutely right: it is easier. There are some risks to organizing it on your own, but as I see it, there are so many more upsides to it. For example, unless your description of a holiday is “wherever warm/cool”, you actually know what you expect from your holiday much better than some random stranger doing it for a living (and trying to make money off of you), and in the end the only difference between you and them is: they know where to look.

To prove my point I’d like to tell you about our week-long holiday in Barcelona, during which we also (just to make it less simple) stopped in London. The whole holiday took us from Monday noon to Sunday morning and yes: there were plenty hours spent on the bus or on the plane, one tiring “half-night” on the Barcelona airport (and following morning that had “break up” written all over it), but we managed to see two beautiful places in one week, and paid a little over CZK 10 000 altogether for plane/bus tickets, accommodation and entrance tickets during the whole journey for 2 people. (I’m not going to say how much we spent on food, but I’ll just say it can be done cheaper.)

Are you intrigued? If so, look forward to the rest. :)


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