You don’t have to pack a tent

About accomodation when travelling on a tight budget...

The other part (often just as expensive as a kilometre of a Czech highway) is the accommodation. This is a part in which I can’t say I know what’s the best. I can just tell you what’s not the worst.

I’ve heard many advices about travelling on a tight budget. One of the most interesting which I’ve heard was “AirBnB”. I’ve never used this option, so I can’t really say much about it, but apparently whoever has a spare room can offer it there for rent, which makes it quite cheap. On the other hand, in my mind it sounds dangerously similar to dorming, which is experience I desperately (and successfully) avoided since my graduation, so I don’t see a reason to try it on my holiday.

I must say that on our last trip to Barcelona I partially saved money for accommodation thanks to one arrival to Barcelona at 2 a.m., after which it seemed pointless to pay for a full night (and by that I of course mean when I was planning it, because during the few hours on the cold airport floor, I would kill for at least one inflatable mattress – not for me but for my gf – ladies will excuse me, but guys: if you think that it is hard to get along with your women on their period, try to tell them they are sleeping on the kitchen floor tonight – and I must say I have the upmost luck of having such a forgiving girlfriend because I deserved much worse that I got).

pepa v Barcelone

The second part of my “saving trick” was a friend who actually lives in Barcelona for a few years now, who let us stay at his place for one night as well, so I admit that I had an unfair advantage in this field.

But don’t say that I wasn’t right about the budget accommodation yet please. Putting these moments aside, the rest of our journey was booked through website: “”, which I recommend to everyone interested. This website being my “ace in a sleeve” is one of the customer friendliest websites providing accommodation of all prices, starting on about 800Kč per room in London suburbs, just 5 minute walk from a “tube station”.

So if you think about it, counting even the transport from the airport and back, 2 metro tickets to the hotel and back, you could actually have weekend in London for 2 for about 4100Kč, which is in my opinion quite a win (ok, plus food but still…).

All you have to do is just take the time and look for it.